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Related article: Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 01:12:38 -0500 From: Michael Sullivan Subject: Adventures In Zegersland - Pt. 6DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. All characters portrayed herein are real, but this story does not reflect their true nature, or any real events. Acts of male to male graphic sex are portrayed within. If you find this type of material offensive LEAVE NOW!AUTHOR'S NOTE:This is part six of my story "Adventures In Zegersland." It is a continuation of a story originally titled "Kevin's Awakening" which has fourteen chapters leading up to where we are now. Kevin Zegers and Andy Roddick are the main characters in the Lolita Toplist Preteen story, along with some other hot guys you will recognize. The timeline begins in 1999-2000. If you have not followed it from the first 14 chapters, & then the next 5, I suggest you start at the beginning.A special THANKS to Bobby, Damian & Raphael Ryan for all of your kind notes of encouragement to me! It is because of you that I have decided to re-visit "AIZ"! I know I've promised you guys some new posts before now, and I appreciate your patience.EDITORIAL NOTE:It has been 27.5 months since I last had a new chapter posted for this story. For the most part, this was due to family and job commitments which did not allow me to continue.An overriding reason, however, was due to a very hateful, RACIST e-mail sent to me, chastising me for introducing a non- caucasian character into the story. I was very hurt by the remarks, but have chose not to allow small minds to prevail.I am perfectly willng to accept reasoned criticism of this story, as well as praise, or suggestions of how to make the story better. But I warn you, this is 2005, NOT 1705! There is no room or tolerance for any further racially biased commentary!!! Take that CRAP to your nearest KKK or Neo-Nazi websites. You will rue the day if you send it here.Comments? Suggestions? Criticism? E-mail me at: Mike1363WebTV.net OKAY! It's been TOO LONG! On with the story! ADVENTURES IN ZEGERSLAND - Part 6 Everything & everyone in the room came to a complete stop. It was as though the pause button had been pushed. The boys all stared admiringly at the large puddles of boyjuice adorning the bronzed skin of Andy Roddick. "FUCKIN' EH!" exclaimed Ryan Merriman, finally breaking the ice as the young teens admired their work on the tennis player.Andy was panting, his eyes glazed over, trying to come back down to earth after having his entire body licked, probed and sucked by his seven roommates. "Dudes, I think the game's over," said Richard to the rest of the gathering. "AW, NO FAIR" exclaimed Ryan, "I think everyone should strip and let's have some fun!" The guys all looked at each other, & finally Jon Lee spoke up. "I've no objection - after all why should Andy be the one to have all of the fun!"With that, Ryan pulled Bradley McIntosh close and did what he had been itching to do since early in the evening, giving the ebony-skinned singer a liplock to die for! "GET A ROOM! GET A ROOM!" shouted Kevin and Ben, tossing throw pillows from a nearby couch at the pair. "BULLSHIT!" yelled Ryan, pulling away from Bradley for a moment. "I say we all pair up & do each other RIGHT HERE!" as he pointed to the floor in the great room. There was just a moment of hesitation, but then nods all around, as each of them contemplated his fantasies."Just a second, guys" yelled Ben, running down the hallway toward the bedrooms. He returned a moment later, four oversize towels draped over his arms. "We're only renting this place, so we can't get stains on the carpet." "PUSSY!" yelled Ryan, as Richard replied "Hey, you wanna clean up the mess?" "Point taken", Ryan aquiesed. "But, I believe there is still the matter of us all getting naked to be resolved!"Andy by now had recovered, and strode to where Jon Lee had been standing. "i think this boy wants to be next" he said, untying Jon's shoes as the blond singer stepped out of them. Caressing the lean legs from calves to thighs, Andy tugged at the bottom of Jon's soccer shorts and pulled them down to his ankle. Jon had a beautiful package, encased in a pair of red Joe Boxer briefs.Not wanting to be outdone, Ryan pulled Bradley's t-shirt off, then went to work on the shoes and shorts as well. Bradley moaned as Ryan worked his hand over a very nice cock, encased in a pair of tight Calvin briefs. Looking over at Andy, Ryan winked, and the two simultaneously pulled down Jon & Bradley's briefs, exposing the boys uncut cocks.Jon's cock sat just below a small patch of bond fur, pointing straight upward with a slight curve, slowly growing to a nice 6". Bradley's hung low, his foreskin slowly pulling back to expose the swollen helmet as it grew to about 7". Ryan longed to get Bradley's cock in his greedy lips, licking them in anticipation of the prize just a few inches away.Kevin, Richard, Ben & Jonathan wasted no time in stripping out of their clothing, & Ryan followed suit, getting a whistle from an admiring Bradley as Ryan's horsecock slipped from it's bondage. Picking up one of the towels, Ryan took Bradley in hand and led him a few steps away, where the two boys laid down & began exploring one another. Andy followed suit, leading Jon a few feet away and staking out a place to place their towel.Since he had first heard that Richard was going to be the co-host of the trip, Kevin had been intrigued with how Richard may look in comparison to Jonathan. He was built nearly identical, maybe an inch or so taller, and nearly hairless, but for a small, pencil-line trail leading from his navel to a dusting of dark pubes over Richard's 6" cock. Kevin and Richard smiled, grabbed their towel and chose their place.While Jonathan had known Ben for a long time, & had seen him nearly nude before, here was his brother's boyfriend now fully aroused and naked before him. Jonathan had envied Richard for having Ben, & not wanting to get too carried away, reveled at the thought of being able to fool around with his brother's approval. Jonathan ran his fingers through Ben's floppy dark hair, and let his hands explore all of Ben as the two embraced, then emulated the rest of the boys and picked their spot on the floor not far from the others.Andy gently laid Jon Lee on his back and slowly worked his way up the boy, feeling Jon out slowly as he sensed that this was all too new to the young Brittish lad. His hands explored Jon's torso & creamy butt cheeks, while he worked each of the large nips on Jon's smooth chest. Jon moaned his approval, as Andy worked downward, moving ever closer to that uncut cock and foreskin below. Andy tweaked the helmet a little, pulling the skin back slightly, then working it back over the swollen head, as Jon began to writhe about under Andy. A small pool of pre-cum began to form from Andy's work on the cock, & soon Jon was getting fully hard.Despite his wanting to go down on Ryan's huge member, Bradley could only give it some stroking, as Ryan had been just as determined to suck his first uncut cock. Judging by the sounds emanating from his prize, Ryan knew that Bradley would soon relax and wait his turn. Bradley too began leaking gobs of pre-cum as Ryan sucked and wanked his cock, stopping from time to time to moan himself from the pressure of Bradley's hands on his own member. Pivoting his body, he pulled away so that Bradley wouldn't get him off too soon, and laid down between Bradley's legs to work his big balls and give his own cock a rest. Bradley stretched out his arms above his head, raising up slighly to observe Ryan's work on his package, giving in to Ryan for now, but still lusting for Ryan's Lolita Toplist Preteen big cock.Ben too was fully stretched out, exposing the tiny patches of hair under his arms, beautifully complmenting the jet black Lolita Toplist Preteen fur that matched his dark mop, a tiny triangle neatly trimmed, just above his thick five inches of boymeat. While he wasn' as big as the other guys, his cock was shapely, and slightly thicker than Ryan's. Jonathan licked at Ben's arms, reveling in the tight form of Ben's wrestler's body laid out here before him. Though he had wrestled a lot in high school, Ben was not ripped in his abs, but had a nice washboard tummy and just barely visible pecs. Just your typical, dark-haired All-American boy.And while Kevin had at first been a little mesmerized by getting to see not one, but two Jackson brothers in the raw in a little less than a week, Richard knew what HE wanted, having been briefed by Jonathan of Kevin's beauty. Richard placed his left hand behind Kevin's head, embracing the young Canadian, their hardening cocks at full erection, the two boys alternating from working each others' boymeat, to letting their cocks dance and fight between their trim boy bodies.*********************************************Sorry to leave you hanging, but we'll get to the next part tomorrow. Thanks to all of you for reading.
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